Pisau di buat bukan untuk …

pisau di buat bukan untuk menyakiti, begitu juga teknologi dirancang bukan untuk menghancurkan. gunakan teknologi dengan bijak untuk kebajikan

The inclusion of the concept of teaching and learning methods with e-learning

Currently among the public at large would have been very familiar with what is a laptop, even children know what is KINDERGARTEN though laptop. Even the inclination and the fluency children higher on the laptop as compared to adults.

Due to the constantly evolving technology with rapid, even while the program almost all schools in the country for students using laptop requires that as a medium for learning and interacting with so many things.

Not much different as in the world of education in University, even some schools already apply a favorite in Jakarta also class teaching and learning by using the concept of e-learning. There may be some who are already often hear what is e-learning, but there may be a bit of an old man who is still confused by the concept of e-learning material on its own.

Where e-learning themselves intended that the students can learn independently and can focus with each subject in school. Why be with e-learning, and to what functions the teacher in class if there is e-learning?

A question that many had in fact describing one before the concept of e-learning itself in each subject combine at the school. By looking at the more advanced technological world and the importance of the introduction of information technology itself early on, then the integrated method of e-learning itself in each subject in the schools.

And what about the function of the teacher in class, when the concept of e-learning course point you want the students to learn independently? Indeed correct all that e-learning is intended for independent students, but there are a few points that highlights why e-learning method itself feeds into methods of teaching and learning in schools.

And the following explanation:

– E-learning is intended for the students of its own also the teacher can understand and understand about the use of the internet in the outline.

– With the growing role of the internet in a fast world of education, so that the Government give a decision on the use of information technology in Sage.

– The amount of information that can be accessed on the internet, it is feared could be misused by not supposed by irresponsible circles, so that students can be guided by teachers at the school in order to get any benefit from the internet.

If there is a method to the teaching and learning as well as student teachers no longer “blind IT”.

Technology, the internet and community Indonesia

With students required to have a laptop at school, making the laptop market share as “mandatory items” for students. It is not without cause, because it is already given decree of the Minister of education and culture in cooperation with the Minister of communications and technology regarding the need to instill the lessons regarding the information technology early, at the beginning initially with the use of computers and other devices to be teaching and learning tool with the method of e-learning.

Then why was the main tool for teaching and learning laptop? This is due to better facilitate students to learn in practice about the internet. And not only that, due to the breadth of the power of the internet to reach the facility itself made the laptop as one means of students surf the internet world be borderless.

The most feared thing is when there are pupils who want to dabble in surfing in cyberspace (internet) without accompanied, until May would lead to the possibility of unwanted things. Either the students open a site that is not allowed or others.

Because that’s why the necessary considerations, guidance from parents as well as teachers to help develop and nurture students ‘ needs will be information technology itself.

This time it’s very much malicious websites has been blocked, but it is not mean that internet world is safe. There are many possibilities that could happen which can be to be absorbed.as from the internet.

It makes no difference to the existence of the internet which were very rental that many, can be seen on each distance 100 metres already ascertained the existence of cafes that category currently focus on online gaming. The real thing is reasonable, but when viewed in terms of its power needs for online gaming addictive intenet is extremely worrisome, especially once the impact suffered by teenagers who are still in uniform.

However, when children play and surf in virtual world would be worthwhile to keep, because one time accompanied by just click there will be lots of information to be absorbed.as and unfiltered are present in front of the monitor screen.

Then why the internet was very influential in the world of socializing and all societal? The Intenet is very near and familiar with our environment, how does. Let’s just say whatever we’re working on and we are doing all we can can be via the internet. Not only that, even routine we often times we are describing in social media like facebook, twitter and others. This is getting closer to the internet community.


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